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Alumni Spotlight

Georgetown’s alumni are doing extraordinary things all across the world. They are remarkable examples of how dedication, professionalism, and high quality education, combined with applied learning and networking opportunities, help graduates reach their professional goals and beyond. We are shining our spotlight on Henrique Cordeiro Guerra (B ’94).

Henrique Cordeiro Guerra (B ’94)

Q. Can you describe your background and what lead you to your current position?

A. I grew up in Rio, my family has been involved in real estate here for over 80 years. After attending boarding school in the states, I went to Georgetown and graduated in the class of ‘94. While they didn’t have a real estate program then, they helped put things in much more of a global context.

After working for a time as a credit analyst I returned to Brazil to start the first online real estate portal in the country. This is really when I learned the benefit of being entrepreneurial and the importance of investing and business development. It is a very different environment from the structured corporate world of Wall Street.

I later worked with a local developer to form a joint venture with GGP called Aliansce Shopping Centers, benefitting from the under penetration of real estate in Brazil. We had an ambitious growth strategy to consolidate ownership through an institutional platform and eventually went public with several US investors involved in the IPO.

Last year I started my current company One Bridge, we are a portfolio investor in real estate. Right now we are focused on retail but are looking at other property formats. I am especially interested in following the impact of technology on different sectors, I believe it is going to be transformational.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?

A. I really enjoy identifying opportunities and trying to understand the risk. Getting my arms around these opportunities is something I find very exciting.

Q. Where do you see the biggest opportunity for growth in the real estate sector?

A. Technology is going to have a big impact. If you want to have leadership in this industry it is pivotal to understand the impact of technology on different types of real estate assets. People’s technology aspirations and consumptions habits are going to impact all classes of real estate from commercial office spaces to residential. This will have major repercussion globally.

Q. How have you seen your business evolve over the last few years as globalization continues to increase?

A. Real estate is a very local business, but there are principles that transfer across markets which can be applied universally, such as location or exposure to certain income segments. Ultimately it all ties back to valuation.

Q. What do you think the McDonough School of Business offers that other schools do not?

A. The vision and culture that is being fostered in the Steers Center program empowers individuals to become effective decision makers and offers diverse career opportunities. The knowledge and educational background allows graduates to understand the building blocks behind principles that are key to decision making in the sector.

Q. Do you have any advice for current real estate students?

A. Try to learn as much as you can about specific property types and develop a point of view. See where your interest resides and maintain an eye on how innovation, technology and market opportunities impact the property type you are interested in. In order to be a successful developer and investor, you have to be able to anticipate and predict property usage trends.