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Our case for Global Real Assets

The real estate industry has undergone very rapid change since the onset of the global pandemic and resultant effects of inflation and rising interest rates.  Additionally, the Securities and Exchange Commission released a series of proposals in March 2022 that would govern the manner that public companies disclose their environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts if they are enacted into law.  Global capital has been focused on issues of ESG for some time and will allocate capital to investment managers accordingly with the expectation of improved investment performance.  Moreover, these same investors are broadening their definition of real estate to include infrastructure such as transportation, digital, social and alternative energy as these assets perform historically well in periods of higher inflation.

This broader category is referred to as real assets and can be defined as the structures and raw materials that drive economic growth.

The M.S. in Global Real Assets will offer a cutting edge experience that integrates real assets, global capital flows and ESG in a way that will uniquely equip our graduates to understand this new landscape and be highly competitive on the job market.  Through small class sizes, experiential learning opportunities, and connections to a vast network of alumni and industry leaders, you will gain the knowledge and connections to build a career with real world impact.

We view this innovative degree program as a look into the future of what today's students need to be competitive in tomorrow's marketplace.


By studying global real assets, our students will be prepared to influence and drive the investment, development, and implementation of resources in the built environment - the physical parts of where we live and work, including homes, buildings, streets, open spaces, and infrastructure. 

Building on Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition, the study of real assets at the McDonough School of Business also includes a focus on how to optimize these resources in a way that supports environmental, social, and economic growth that sustains societal development across the planet. 

Our students will represent a new generation of leaders in this space, and will be prepared to address emerging challenges in the built environment, including:

  • aging infrastructure that affects communities; 
  • social infrastructure like affordable housing, clean water, and waste management;  
  • the shifting dynamics in traditional real estate, including how we interact with living and working spaces and the implications these buildings have on the environment and society; 
  • expanded access to digital infrastructure such as broadband internet; 
  • transitioning to more renewable energy sources; and
  • improve investment performance as a result.

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