Julia Hyman (B’19)

What led you to your current position?

Upon graduating with my undergraduate degree from Georgetown, I pursued my Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development at Columbia University in New York City. During this program, I was able to engage with a variety of individuals in the real estate industry both in NYC and elsewhere. While pursuing my master’s degree, I interned with JOSS Realty Partners, a private equity firm run by Larry Botel (a Georgetown graduate and member of the Steers Center Board, as well) and accepted a full-time position upon graduation. I spent two years with JOSS in which I was involved with development and acquisitions and have recently begun my career at Senlac Ridge Partners, a real estate private equity firm targeting a broad range of real estate investments, specifically development and re-development opportunities.


Why did you choose to get involved with the Steers Center?

I had such a positive experience at Georgetown and loved being a part of the Georgetown network. Becoming involved with the Steers Center was another way for me to remain connected to Georgetown, faculty members, alumni and students and specifically involved in real estate, which makes it more exciting.

As a Georgetown graduate, how do you see the work of the Steers Center fitting in with the Georgetown student experience?

I believe the Georgetown network is amongst the strongest professional networks I have seen. My first job upon graduating from graduate school was found at a Steers event, in which I met my first boss. The Steers Center provides students with a phenomenal network and organizes a variety of events, allowing students and alumni to connect.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in real estate?

The best piece of advice I can give to prospective students interested in real estate is speak to as many professionals as possible, specifically Georgetown alumni. The more people you speak to, the more you will gain an understanding of what exactly you are interested in. Additionally, I have found Georgetown alumni to be extremely willing and able to help.