Kenneth Bacon

Adjunct Professor: Steers Real Estate
Partner: RailField Partners

Over the past 40 years, Ken has dedicated his career to the housing sector by financing single family and multifamily housing. Early in his career, he provided tax exempt housing bonds for first-time homebuyers in the single-family field. Over the years at Morgan Stanley, Kidder Peabody, and the Resolution Trust Corporation (now known as Deposit Insurance Fund), he gained experience financing a variety of residential real estate assets including developing innovative securitization programs to help the government dispose of its housing assets. He spent 19 years at Fannie Mae, including 12 years as Executive Vice President running both the community development and multifamily businesses, tripling the portfolio up to $195 billion which was comprised of multifamily mortgages, conventional equity, low-income housing tax credit, and mezzanine debt. He co-founded RailField, an entrepreneurially run firm focused on the multifamily sector. RailField is committed to minimizing risk and generating above-market returns for our investors while at the same time creating a sense of community for our residents, providing them with a quality, safe place to live. We currently manage a portfolio of assets across five states in eight markets.