Brodie Boland


Partner: McKinsey & Company

Brodie Boland is a Partner with McKinsey & Company, and leads the Firm’s work addressing climate change in the built environment. He serves investors, governments, technology firms, and other clients on both decarbonization and climate adaptation. Brodie has led decarbonization efforts addressing >20 megatonnes annual CO2e emissions across >$1T in real estate assets. Brodie’s team has developed new approaches and technologies for decarbonization of real assets which dramatically improve the pace and economics of building decarbonization. Brodie has also supported broader clean technology development, including helping to establish one of the leading investment funds dedicated to catalyzing development and scaling of the technologies that are critical for global decarbonization.

In addition to his work on decarbonization, Brodie has worked with cities, infrastructure firms, banks, and real estate investors to understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change and the energy transition. This includes leading one of the first climate stress-tests of a North American financial institution and helping investors incorporate climate considerations into their capital allocation, investment, and operating decisions. He has developed adaptation and resilience strategies for multiple cities and helped companies in multiple industries develop services that can support climate resilience.

Brodie has written extensively on decarbonization and adaptation, including influential pieces on physical climate risk, decarbonization, and urban adaptation.

Brodie earned his PhD from Case Western Reserve University, where his research focused on sustainability transitions in complex institutional landscapes. Prior to his time at McKinsey, he was a Research Fellow at the New America Foundation, and President of AIESEC International.