Kenneth Bacon Joins Steers Center for Global Real Estate Faculty

The Steers Center for Global Real Estate at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business welcomes Kenneth Bacon, co-founder, Railfield Realty Partners, as adjunct professor in finance. Bacon will teach a course, Real Estate Private Debt, to McDonough MBA students beginning March 29.

“We are extremely excited  to have Ken on our faculty, as his knowledge of the industry is perhaps only rivaled by the number and quality of his relationships,” said Matthew Cypher, Atara Kaufman Professor of Real Estate and director of the Steers Center for Global Real Estate. “Our students will be distinct beneficiaries of his role on our faculty.”

Bacon has an exceptional depth and breadth of experience in real estate starting most notably with his role as director of the Office of Securitization in the early 1990s with the Resolution Trust Corporation. Then, Bacon was executive vice president at Fannie Mae where he led the company’s multifamily mortgage business.

In addition to his employment experience, Bacon also holds several key corporate board positions at public companies, including Ally Financial, Comcast, Arbor Realty and Welltower, a healthcare REIT where he is chairman of the board.

Bacon decided to come to Georgetown for his love of teaching and previous positive experience with Georgetown McDonough interns.

“I love teaching—the energy of the classroom, the back and forth with students, and the challenge of exploring a subject from a more rigorous and disciplined perspective,” said Bacon. “Also, there is a professional element at work. My firm, Railfield Realty Partners, has had three interns from the Steers Center over the past 5 years who have exceeded our expectations. We look to the Steers Center for a continued pipeline of quality graduates.”

The Real Estate Private Debt course will focus on the role of the U.S. commercial real estate debt market, as well as the world of real estate finance from the perspectives of both borrowers and lenders.

“What excites me most is opening students’ eyes to the strategic dimension of debt financing,” said Bacon. “Too often, I see people approach debt with the ‘I want the lowest cost’ mentality without factoring in the strategy for maximizing value of the property. A properly structured loan should enhance the value of a property and be an integral part of the owners operating plan.”

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