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The Poland Family Endowed Fund was established in 2012 by Mary and Bill Poland to create the Poland Family Real Estate Fellows Program.  The purpose of the Fellows Program is to create a select community of highly talented, emerging business leaders who are dedicated to the field of commercial real estate.  It is expected that this community of Fellows will develop in number and prestige over time and will be well positioned to exert significant influence upon the educational experience for real estate students at Georgetown Steers.

Fellows are selected annually from full-time, 2nd Year MBA students that have demonstrated academic ability, leadership, and significant interest in a real estate profession through active participation in real estate activities throughout their academic program.

Students accepting the fellowship receive a $10,000 scholarship toward their educational pursuits in the Georgetown McDonough MBA program.



  1. Students must have:
    1. Completed the first year of full-time MBA Candidacy,
    1. Exhibited active participation in leadership roles within the Georgetown Real Estate Society (MBA Real Estate Club) and a demonstrated commitment to advancing the discipline of real estate at Georgetown Steers through an ability to clearly demonstrate specific examples of work they undertook to enhance the Center.  Quantity of work is valued highly in this application process and the successful student must easily demonstrate a body of work that is legitimate and verifiable,
    1. Demonstrated history of internships or jobs with real estate focused companies,
    1. Outstanding performance in all three Real Estate Clinic courses,
    1. Participation in M-RECC,
    1. Strong academic performance, and
    1. Intention to pursue a career in real estate following graduation.

Selection Process

  1. Interested students must include the following materials for their application to be complete:
    1. Submit a signed copy of the Poland Real Estate Fellow Application (page 3).
    1. Provide an updated resume.
    1. Write a one-page summary of your role in expanding the discipline of real estate at Georgetown Steers.  Be sure to cite specific examples of your involvement with the Georgetown Real Estate Society and the impact this has had.  The quality and quantity of your participation will hold significant weight in the decision making process.
  2. The Poland Real Estate Fellows selection committee chaired by Matthew Cypher and inclusive of Steers Center Professors, James Reid and George Yeonas, will review applications and make selections for 2021-2022 Poland Fellowships.
  3. The Poland Real Estate Fellows selection committee chair or a designated member will notify the newly selected Fellows.
  4. The newly selected Fellow will sign a New Fellow Agreement form and return a copy to the Steers Center for Global Real Estate.