William C. Grubbs Jr.

Managing Director, Head of U.S. Funds Management: Invesco

Bill Grubbs joined Invesco in 2005 and has 27 years of real estate experience. He is the lead portfolio manager for Invesco Core Real Estate, IRE’s U.S. Open-End U.S. Core commingled fund. In addition, Grubbs oversees Funds Management for the U.S. direct real estate group. Prior to joining Invesco, Grubbs was with the investment firm of Bailard, Biehl & Kaiser (BB&K), (San Francisco Bay Area), where he directed BB&K’s real estate investment program for six years including serving as the president and chief operating officer of the BB&K Real Estate Investment Trust (BB&K REIT). Grubbs received an MBA, with distinction, from the University of Michigan and a B.S. degree from Colorado State University.